Plantar Fasciitis Treatment

Before you can even start a plantar fasciitis treatment program, you have to determine how and why this condition has occurred.

This is the key to having a very successful outcome, as well as preventing this painful condition from reoccurring.

Plantar fasciitis treatmentAt Anthony’s Foot Clinic, we have treated over 5000 cases of plantar fasciitis in our clinic.The most successful plantar fasciitis treatments begin with early intervention.

This includes eliminating major causes, such as poor, non-supportive footwear, and ensuring patients and their families are well educated about good quality footwear..

What happens when someone sees us for plantar fasciitis treatment?

When someone visits our clinic looking for a reliable plantar fasciitis treatment, after they have exhausted other therapies like cortisone injections and over stretching techniques, the chances are their feet have either not been supported correctly, or they are lacking proper support. That is, their weight distribution hasn’t been directed properly which equals “pain”.

This is why we take the time and initiative to examine a patient’s entire body’s mechanics, and work tirelessly to explain why this person will walk out almost 100% pain free!

YES, that is true even, if we suspect a possible tear.

We will effectively strap and implement our numerous myofasicial techniques, which may include dry needling. DRy needling will depend on how much muscular tightness we find in our assessment because this condition may cause other compensatory muscles to over tighten and cause knee, hip and lower back pain.

As a plantar fasciitis sufferer you will relate to this, and the fact that our thousands of happy patients made our clinic so successful in the treatment of heel pain, from children to adults, is one thing that sets us apart.


Muscles can’t work properly and do their job effectively if the structure is out and it’s our job to help diagnose foot problems early and intervene either with orthotic therapy , exercise and footwear.

See what sets us apart

It is our job to effectively diagnose foot problems early, treat, and educate our patients in order to reduce the incidence of painful plantar fasciitis. With the right orthotic correction, exercise, and appropriate footwear, you too can feel the difference, and see what sets us apart from everyone else.

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  • We have HICAPS, which allows you to claim directly from your health fund on the spot. And some eligible patients may also be able to claim through Medicare.