A foot problem doesn’t end at the ankle.

Abnormal foot function can impact right up through the body, affecting not just lower limbs but even your back and neck.

So orthotics, where required, are an integral part of Anthony’s holistic approach to foot treatment.

The human eye is the very best diagnostic tool.

Whilst modern technology can be useful in diagnosing treatment, nothing is as effective as the well-trained eye. Anthony has spent over 20 years observing and analysing patients’ feet, both while they are in action and resting. This enables him to see and treat the ‘whole picture’- how all the muscles and skeleton of the body work together. And this is the best way to assess if orthotics may be of benefit.

What actually are orthotics?

Orthotics Orthotics are insoles designed to restore natural foot function by re-aligning the foot and ankle bones to the natural position, and by evenly distributing weight across the foot. This can alleviate many problems such as heel, knee and lower back pain, as well as taking pressure of sore spots such as the heel and ball of the foot.

Who can benefit from orthotics?

Orthotics benefit anyone with foot pain or people who have problems with their knees or back. Orthotics can also be beneficial to people who are on their feet all day, such as nurses, tradesmen and teachers as well as retail and hospitality workers.

Orthotics can also be used to treat ‘over-pronation’ – or rolling inwards of the feet and ankles, and collapsing of the arches – a condition suffered by around 70% of the population. The earlier foot problems are treated the better the outcome. Therefore children should be assessed for early diagnosis.

Everyone is unique. That’s why our orthotics are too.

The incorrect orthotic can do more harm then good. There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ solution. ‘Off the shelf’ orthotics are based solely on the size of the foot while a computer -generated mould is simply based on the pressure distribution of the foot. Neither of these methods take into account the fact that the foot is a dynamic, 3 dimensional structure made up of bones, muscles and tendons. That’s why Anthony manually takes a cast of each patient’s foot in the neutral position, allowing a true tailor made orthotic that uniquely addresses that particular patient’s needs.

Our orthotics can actually remember your foot.

Our orthotics are made from a German thermoplastic material which is considered the best in the world. Not only is it longer lasting than most other materials, it also has a built in memory so that when it is moulded to the shape of the foot, it retains the shape, giving effective support where needed.

If the shoe fits…

Our orthotics are custom made to fit all shoes, from high heels, open sandals, joggers, football boots and running spikes.

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  • Payments

  • We have HICAPS, which allows you to claim directly from your health fund on the spot. And some eligible patients may also be able to claim through Medicare.